Glolindir in Ruins of Stone Hill

Glolindir Arshatheriat Eodin, or Glo as his friends call him, is an elven wizard. He is not the typical ancient, see all, know all type of wizard, although he is indeed one hundred and twenty years old. In the world of Arinthar, elves are quite long lived. So, in elven culture, Glo is the equivalent of an eighteen-year-old human, and like any other teen, struggles to discover who he is and where he fits in.

The six foot, flaxen-haired, blue-eyed elf is tall even by his people’s standards. Glo is a Galinthral elf, a descendant of those who followed the great elven king, Galinthrae. Taller in stature, and fairer of hair and skin than their woodland cousins, the Galinthral elves were nonetheless lovers of nature, excellent hunters, and wielders of potent magic like their brethren. The Galinthral, however, disappeared some five hundred years ago after the last great war with the Parthians. The fought a retreating battle, melting into the woods of the great forest of Ruanaiaith, and have not been seen since. Thus, when Glolindir made his first appearance in the world at large, he was the first Galinthral elf to be seen in nearly half a millennium.

Glolindir’s explosive relationship with his father, Amrod, prompted him to set out on his own. Amrod is the head of the House of Eodin, one of the seven great houses of the Galinthral elves. He is also one of the foremost wizards in the hidden city of Cairthrellon, the last home of the ‘lost’ branch of the elven people. Glo and his father disagreed on everything, from Amrod’s slow and steady approach to learning magic, to the Galinthrals’ insistence on hiding from the rest of the world. When things eventually came to a head, Glo decided to leave Cairthrellon.

Glo initially set out on his own, his only companion his familiar, Raven. The black bird shares an empathic link with its master, a factor which comes in handy more than once in the wizard’s journey. Glo and Raven were not alone for long.

They soon cross paths with the mysterious Seth, a secretive halfling all clothed in black, and the serious little gnome cleric, Aksel. The three youths decided to pool their talents, and try their hand at the hero-for-hire business.

Glo is quite sure of himself at first, secure in his intellect and ‘spellcraft.’ Yet he quickly discovers that knowledge and experience are not the same thing. After a life-threatening encounter, Glo realizes that he is ill prepared to deal with the dangers of the outside world. Lucky for him he is not alone. Just when things are at their darkest, the young heroes are joined by the tall warrior, Lloyd. Together the four manage to triumph against the odds, saving a number of innocents in the process.

Aksel, Glo, Lloyd, and Seth decide to band together, and head to little seaport of Ravenford on the east coast, a less built-up area where there is bound to be more work for them. Glo, now realizing his shortcomings, vows to learn proper magic, to support his newly found friends. Yet it proves difficult for the young wizard. His sequestered childhood and tendency toward perfectionism lead him to overreact in the heat of the moment, and then berate himself afterwards about his less than stellar performance.

It is something that the young Glolindir must come to terms with as he and his companions face ever mounting dangers, for the dark shadows loom over his new home town of Ravenford, and the people there are in dire need of Heroes.

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