Aksel Alabaster in Serpent Cult

Aksel Alabaster is a kind, gentle soul. His concern for the well-being of others is only matched by the shrewdness of his keen mind. Orphaned at an early age and raised by the Church of Caprizon, the young gnome is an accomplished cleric. His pure heart and strong beliefs allow him to challenge the divine energy of his deity, the gnomish goddess known only as the Soldenar. Thus, Aksel can heal wounds with the touch of his hands.

Much like elves, gnomes are long-lived. Aksel, at the age of forty, is the equivalent of an older human teen. Further, like halflings, gnomes are a diminutive race. Aksel is no exception, rising to a mere three feet in height. His youthful age and small size can be rather deceiving though, for he possesses a wisdom beyond his years.

The copper-haired little cleric is a natural born leader. His keen mind and penchant for planning makes him an invaluable asset in dangerous situations. Unless the situation demands for it, Aksel tends to remain quiet, preferring to listen and access things before speaking his mind. Still, the little gnome’s feelings run deep. Aksel lost his entire family when he was young. Archeologists all, they disappeared under mysterious circumstances while searching for ancient artifacts.

After experiencing so much loss at such a young age, Aksel has vowed to never lose another important person from his life. Thus, the little cleric takes his responsibility as leader of the group extremely serious.

They are quite lucky to have him, for the challenges mount and the dangers grow greater as the youths delve into the mysteries surrounding Ravenford. There is a growing darkness around the little town, and the people soon find they are in dire need of Heroes.

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